Collection Overview

Spanning over 100 years, the footage we hold is eclectic and may include anything from date culture in 1920s Iraq, to devices for carrying dogs across the street, from serious news items to the “and finally” type stories.

The collection contains documentaries and newsreels (edited and outtakes) with worldwide news coverage with a particular emphasis on world political events & personalities, American-European relations, etc. These are included in the Universal Newsreels releases (1929 – 1967) and outtakes (ca. 1930 – 1959), the March of Time outtakes (ca. 1934 – 1951), other news films, commercials and some early fiction and it spans most of the 20th Century. Some topics included are Major personalities of the 20th Century, US Government Educational & Propaganda Films, detailing subjects ranging from Agriculture to Labour to Civil Rights, Space race and NASA material, Industries and Manufacturing, (autos, aviation, etc), Russian life from the former Soviet Union, Americana, including street scenes, entertainment, inventions, stunts and human interest up to the 1970s.

We also have over 300 films from The Library of Congress Paper Prints, the only extant copies of many short items (from 30 seconds upwards) recorded between ca. 1895-1915, which include: Immigration to USA, Industrialisation & Railroads ,Recreation & Amusement Parks, Spanish-American War, Alaskan gold Rush, San Francisco before & after the 1906 earthquake, Vaudeville & Stage Acts, World Fairs & Expositions.

In the past year we have also been actively expanding two main areas: British and other European countries content, and footage relating to the Middle East.

We’ve also recently acquired a huge collection of Educationals (excellent for 1950s and 60s lifestyles) and Soundies – 3-minutes musical items -often featuring well-known musicians.

In addition to footage in the Public Domain, we also represent smaller collections that are sold in the more normal way based on the amount of footage used and licence required. These include a railroad collection, footage from Palestine/Israel and civil rights activities in 1960s USA.


-Major international and national conflicts including:

Early Footage

-The Cold War

Nuclear Race

Space Exploration

-1960s Civil Rights Movement

US Presidential Elections


Home Movies



Educational Films

-Sports History




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