FOOTAGE FARM was established in 2001 by a team of experienced professionals to provide video master tapes of material in the Public Domain. The aim was to help producers to not have to struggle with high licence fees and to enable them to access and afford archival material of high quality.

PUBLIC DOMAIN film is footage which has never been, or is no longer, in copyright and is not subject to the usual licensing constrictions and prices.  It is material produced by American government agencies, or gifted to the American people by producers, thereby lifting any existing copyright.

We charge a one-time BUY-OUT fee, not a per-second rate and once you have bought the footage, it is yours to use and re-use forever, in all media and in any programme.  You will not need to come back to us to renew a contract or to pay any additional fees.

OUR COLLECTION spans over 100 years: from the late 19th century to the early 2000s. Whatever the subject of your programme, it is always worth enquiring if we have relevant material – for this there is no charge.  In addition to what we hold on master tape we also have extensive information about the holdings in Washington and in other collections containing public domain material. Once you decide on the content of your show we can send you written descriptions and/or previewing files.

We have well over 25,000 entries in our masters database. In addition to the masters we have in-house, we have more than 5000 hours of footage that can be viewed and then ordered if you want it on master.
We offer a 24 hour turnaround service for masters we hold in our London office.  If we only have viewing tapes and need to duplicate the masters from Washington, it takes no longer and will cost no more than if you went straight to the source.